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Parent’s comments from ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ April 2014


I thought the show was fantastic  - very high calibre dancing and choreography! My girls really enjoyed it’ (mother of 2 pupils aged 5 & 6yrs)


‘A big thank you for the fantastic experience of the show for my daughter  who is in Primary Ballet at Knebworth. She really enjoyed it and it has been great for her confidence. We have been reliving it all again this week with the DVD!’

‘I know that the dancers really enjoyed being part of  such a professional performance and enjoyed every minute on the stage – you can see how much they all enjoy it – it shines through.’ (mother of 11 yr old student)


‘My family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and I know my two girls were thrilled to be part of it. I'm so happy that we switched the girls over to Splitz!’ (2 new students joined Splitz 1 year ago, aged 6 & 10)


‘I thought the standard was excellent but, more importantly, was bowled over by the professionalism.  I don’t mean just of the performers.’


‘Having worked in theatre for many years of my little life, I have experienced back stage and on stage stresses.  There is SO much work involved in putting together a show like that and it seemed to me that you didn’t miss anything.’


‘ The children were confident and un stressed as they knew what they had to do, the teachers  were their usual smiley, caring selves - even when signing the children in and out.  The Head Girls ‘enjoyed’ their role and were totally focussed on their little charges, the parents who helped out were all doing it with a great will, there were the necessary lists on walls without over-egging anything.  In other words, there was a great balance of direction but also of empowerment to others which led them to take responsibility for their roles.’


‘My daughter had a blast.  I think she grew in confidence both on and off stage.  She made new friends and felt grown up.  I enjoyed chaperoning and the group of boys we looked after were polite, funny and respectful.’


‘Roll on the next one!’


‘ I am relatively new to having a child being involved in dance and a show.  So I was amazed and pleased to see how high the standard was, it was a really good show.

My daughter (aged 5 )  thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed watching her.   The passion and dedication you and your and fellow teachers put into it really shone through, thank you very much and well done.’


‘What a fantastic show, it exceeded all our expectations and my daughter (age 7) absolutely loved participating, she enjoyed all the rehearsals and, of course, performing so much that she shed a tear of disappointment when it was all over!’


‘Such professionalism and wonderful to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment from all your pupils.  Very proud!’


‘The show was amazing & so many people I know who watched their friends children commented on the standard of dancing & acting. It's all down to you guys. So glad my daughter joined at 3yrs old & will continue right through with the school. Money well spent.’  (mother of student aged 13yrs).


‘Wow!! What an amazing amazing show last night! I LOVED every minute of it! My Dad said he enjoyed it as much as any West End show! Everything from the children, the choreography, the acting, the costumes, the lighting and special effects, the music, sound, script, organisation, photography, programmes etc It was all so professional!

I only wish I’d seen all four performances!!

Most importantly you could see on the children’s faces how much they enjoyed it. What a fantastic experience for them.’ (mother of student aged 12yrs)