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These events usually take place at the end of the Autumn Term each year.  Each class from Pre-primary and above have the chance to perform a piece of class work or dance. It's a wonderful opportunity for parents to see the development of work through the grades.  Cups and trophies are awarded to a few students for outstanding effort and achievement over the last year.  


Venue: The Hall, Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School.







Dates: TBA

Daily: 9.30 - 12.30 pm

Venue: Woolmer Green Village Hall


This year's Dance Summer Course is suitable for children age 6 – 12 years.  The course will be packed with great classes including BALLET, JAZZ, TAP, STREET and DRAMA.  


Summer Courses are an excellent opportunity for children to try out all forms of dance in a fun atmosphere and to develop their creativity by choreographing their own dances with our supervision and guidance.  

Email admin@splitz.info to register.









Monday 14th September -Saturday 5th December

Classes in lieu of classes missed due to lockdown in Spring 2020

Additional week Monday 7th December - Saturday 12th December

Additional Saturday on 19th December

Half term: 26th October – 1st November



Monday 4th January - Saturday 27th March

Half Term: 15th February - 21st February









Presentation Days 2020



















Venue: Woolmer Green Village Hall






10th December



16th  December


Venue: Woolmer Green Village Hall




Venue: Woolmer Green Village Hall







29th October

10.00 - 12.00 am Junior Ballet - Sleeping Beauty

12.15 - 2.15 pm Senior Ballet - Sleepting Beauty

2.30 - 3.30 pm Contemporary

Teacher: Miss Emily Norman